The Journey

Former CBS anchor Dan Rather once said, DzIf all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at alldz.  Luckily, the SIWWAA team are made of sterner stuff than to let a little thing like Dzdifficultydzget in the way!  Ours has undeniably been a long journey, but starting with baby steps that grew into giant strides, we made it, and here’s how


We’re really going to do this!  It’s time to move from concept to reality but first we need to do our homework.  Although we’re raring to go, we have to curb our enthusiasm somewhat and prepare ourselves to take a leap of faith into the unknown.  That means research and training to fill known knowledge gaps.  Then more research to uncover unknown unknowns... And fill those gaps too! 


End of 2014 –
Beginning of 2015: 

Who would have thought writing a business plan could take so long and sometimes be so difficult?  But when you’re striving for excellence (and we are) then you have to give it your all – Blood, sweat and tears.  But mixed in with those are the triumphs and satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

June 2015:

All that hard work pays off when SIWWAA founder Wanja is selected as a global finalist at the Global James McGuire Business Plan Competition. Green shoots are beginning to appear following all the seeds of hard work we planted. Maybe we can finally take a break? Who are we kidding?  This is just the start! 

January 2016:

Fun times!  We set up the SIWWAA brand and can finally turn our attention to product development.  We’ll soon have a real life physical product in our hands!  The excitement builds! Surely that’s a glimmer of light over there?  Right at the end of this tunnel of work we’ve been toiling away in? 

Feb 2016:

Remember that glimmer of light we mentioned earlier?  Well it was a little bit further away than we first thought.  It was lucky number seven for us when after 6 unsatisfactory attempts we finally had the first prototype for the centrepiece of the brand’s launch collection ready. Proof that perseverance and determination will lead to success in the end.

March 2016: 

Time to hit the road - Nairobi, New York, Chicago, Milan and Copenhagen.  If our products are going to have global appeal, we need to go global with our product testing.  Fasten your seatbelts people; we’re almost ready for take-off!

April 2016 – Nov 2016: 

Iterations:  It feels like an endless cycle of testing, tweaking, testing, tweaking...And we’re still accumulating our frequent flier points, as we seem to be constantly travelling between Nairobi and Milan.  Our little seedling products are growing into strong, beautiful plants though and seeing our vision begin tomaterialise spurs us on.

June 2016 – December 2016:

With product development and refinement in full swing, it’s time to turn our attention to defining who we are as a brand.  Creative juices flowing, we don our thinking cap to come up with SIWWAA’s visual identity.  Actually, this is a bit reminiscent of deciding what to wear to your first prom – Get it right and everyone will notice and remember you.  Getting it wrong isn’t an option (shudder!)

December 2016:

Lights, camera, action!  We decamp to the beautiful Rift Valley in Kenya for the lifestyle photo shoot.  We’re not complaining though, there are definitely worse places to work from!  This place is amazing!  If you’ve never visited, get it on your bucket list right now! 

January 2016- February 2016:

The final push.  All those last minute tasks together mean we are movingmountains to get everything ready to present SIWWAA to the world.