SIWWAA Foundation

At SIWWAA we have a unique relationship with African culture and heritage. It’s symbiotic. We’ve built (and continue to build) a brand based on culture, but in turn we have a responsibility to protect and preserve, as well as promote it.  

We take this responsibility very seriously, especially because of the threat of the erosion of local cultures due to rapid urbanization and globalization. To this end we will proactively invest in worthy initiatives that advance the arts in Africa as well as those that seek to preserve African culture in general.


Press About Us

We could tell you that our products are unique, but that’s not unique, many brands can truthfully make the same claim.  We are unique not only because of our origins and our dreams but also because we have a little known story to tell and who doesn’t love an exclusive? Our stories are an invitation to see: through the eyes of one’s imagination and the eyes of those who have come before us.