SIWWAA is: Innovative Craftsmanship and Excellence (Part 1)


From the famed beadwork of Ghanaian artisans to the beautifully worn hands of Kenyan sculptors, craftsmanship in Africa is a deeply embedded cultural point of pride. Age-old skills are handed down from generation to generation with many hours of work taken to make a single piece.

Use of uncommon local materials, handcrafting skills, and an opportunity to help people stand on their own two feet are just some of the reasons why African craftsmanship is so compelling. Then you have the emerging creative voices and homegrown visions of Africa that are ambitiously forging ahead towards a rebirth of the continent, not just as an objective. It is the objective and we are proud to be an integral part of that journey.

Steeped in our profound African heritage, each piece created by SIWWAA is a testament to our label’s high level of craftsmanship married with use of the finest materials.

From inception, SIWWAA has been committed to becoming a brand that is rooted in excellence. We have refused to be bound by limitations, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity, design and craftsmanship.

SIWWAA has left no stone unturned, and impossible means nothing when it comes to keeping excellence at the cornerstone of everything we do and ensuring that we truly deserve our claim to being a luxury brand. From the minute the thought forms, until the moment it comes to life, we guarantee a process that matches the mantle: nothing but the highest standard.

The SIWWAA process brings together extensive R&D, design, understanding of materials and technique, rigorous testing and continuous questioning. Our end goal is to birth products of a uniqueness so rare that they beg for their stories to be told.

 The SIWWAA process is also thoughtfully tailored to our clients, who we have aptly christened the “cultural In-betweeners”: the globally-minded, culture enthusiasts who appreciate premium quality, timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces with compelling stories behind them. Profoundly respectful of different cultures, these individuals are also questing for democratic expressions of beauty.

Wanja Laiboni