About Us

We are passionate and we’re stubborn. We are deeply invested in the business of heritage. Contrary to popular attitudes, we believe that culture and business are compatible. With that in mind, we’ve built SIWWAA to preserve, reposition and share a culture. Preservation - because diversity is one of humanity's greatest assets. Repositioning - because it’s time that African heritage took its place on the global stage.  Sharing - because now is the time to share and build bridges of understanding.



At SIWWAA, we’ve given ourselves the challenge of leveraging, as our core inspiration, African heritage, in all its diverse expressions, to create products that are ambassadors of this heritage. We aren’t just about pushing boundaries.  We adamantly refuse to be limited by them. In particular, we will not be curtailed by time.  In our products we create “timeless” pieces.  In our methodology, we challenge ourselves to innovate for the future, drawing inspiration from the past. 



We will not “settle.” Well, not for anything less than excellence anyway. Every detail of everything we do is the result of extensive research, design, understanding of materials and production techniques, rigorous testing, and continuous questioning, culminating in limited edition collections that inspire curiosity and start conversations.  Pieces that beg for their stories to be told.


 We don’t just bring you beautiful products (although, of course we do that, too). By making sure that every product has a story to tell; by leveraging age-old techniques and combining them with modern innovations - we bring you perfection in terms of quality; we bring you products that challenge you to think, question and learn; we bring you experiences and ultimately, we offer you a chance to become part of the story of this cultural heritage we are so passionate about.


What's in a name?

SIWWAA: A contemporary reinterpretation of the Siwa - an ornately carved side blown wind instrument that originates from the UNESCO world heritage site, Lamu Island. The Siwa is just one example of the stellar craftsmanship from the island. Used to signal important events, the instrument is a perfect representation of how we see ourselves. We’re here to tell the world the story of Africa’s cultural heritage. 



CraftingKenya_2014-09-15_Mombasa_Wood carving_071.jpg

Lamu Town

The oldest, continuously inhabited and best-preserved Swahili settlement in Eastern Africa and the inspiration for SIWWAA’s visual identity.  An enchanting place with a magic that shrouds visitors in history and stunning craftsmanship.  A melting pot and home to different people over the centuries - the Portuguese, Indians, Arabs, and of course, the native Swahilis. All these facts make Lamu our spiritual home.